We don’t just deal with regular dirt and grime, we provide affordable jet wash services to guarantee your outdoor area is restored to its initial appearance.

Jet washing services are a useful cleaning method which efficiently eliminates grime, moss, mud and even some weeds from your outdoor paving and decking areas using only water. Pressure washing works by turning normal speed of water into a very powerful flow. Using the jet washing we are able to clean all types of groundwork including concrete, paving slabs, wooden and garden decking as well as any other hard floor type.

Your outside area is one of the largest investments in your home and we can restore it with a very simple cleaning.
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Wood Deck Cleaning

Keep your deck looks like new with maintenance throughout the year. A properly performed pressure washing may be all that is needed to restore wood decks to a like new appearance. Deck cleaning is an affordable project and after power washing, sealers will perform much better.

Block Pavers Cleaning

Our experts in landscaping can make it looks amazing. We conduct a full pressure wash of the entire area removing the remaining weed growth along with residual moss. Our powerful jet washing equipment is a great investment and will transform the entire look of your home exterior.

Patio Cleaning

Help is at hand, you will get your patio sparkling clean and ready to use. Patio jet washing service is a very preferred service as it can instantly restore the beauty and the life of your patio. High powered jet washing can bring all your patio areas back to life with a minimum of disruption.

Driveway Cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance of your driveways is a tedious and overwhelming task. Your driveway or path do need a bit of attention, because it’s the first impression your visitors gain. Get your confidence back easily, when it comes to driveway cleaning, with the use of a pressure washer.

Concerning the current situation, we remain firmly committed to the health and safety of our customers. We will provide free of charge disinfection for each area, where our jet wash services has been performed.
Health and safety need to be considered more than ever!
Yes, we are professional, experienced, reliable, and extremely affordable.
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